About Us

About our CEO:

Juno || 2013.10.27 || Siberian Husky

Found on the streets of a university campus, there’s very little we know about Juno’s past. She had no tag or microchip, hungry and tired. The shelter worked very hard to help get her get adopted but it was a struggled and ended up living there for about 8 months. They typically don’t keep dogs over a couple months but Juno was sweet and well mannered, that the staff kept her hoping someone would come looking for her or hoping she would get adopted to a loving home. However, time was running out and the shelter was overflowing with dogs and she got added to the euthanized list. She had only a couple days before things were out of their hands and an urgent appeal was made. They posted help on various social media channels and thankfully, Juno’s dad saw it. He had always dreamed of having a husky and followed the shelter Facebook group for a long time where he saw the post. As soon as he saw Juno’s post, it was love at first sight and knew this 5-year-old husky girl was the one. 

Clinger || Unknown || Hooman

Born and raised in the tranquil sunflower fields of Kansas, Clinger moved to Korea in 2005 after graduating with a textile and graphic design degree that she never used but instead came for a 1-year teaching gig that ended horribly and somehow got sucked into living here for the past 16 years and loves it. THE END.

P.S. She’s a horrible cook and is only good at eating though she’s been in the Food & Beverage Industry for the past 10 years and even started a non-profit with friends in 2015 to help support and feed Senior Citizens but don’t be fooled, she’s not cool.

Unfortunately, Korea does not have a strong dog cultural and after living in London for a year last year where it’s super dog friendly, we were inspired to help pave the way for dogs in Korea when we moved back. We want to be the voice for dogs by building a strong community to support one another and share tips/advice to help make the world a bit more PAWESOME!

Our Mission:
To make life pawesome FUR ALL DOGS + paws with the help of local senior citizens. Every bandana purchase helps a charity.

What We Believe:
We truly believe in supporting local businesses and senior citizens who are struggling to make ends meet. Our bandanas are all carefully handmade with love, care and happiness from an amazing couple who are in their 70’s and sewing for over 40 years together. For our name embroidery, we worked with a gentlemen who’s been doing it again for over 40 years in the same small shop but recently retired due to financial struggles and not being able to pay rent. Sadly, 2 others also were forced to close shop and now there is just one sweet senior lady who is hanging on by one small thread. She free-style hand embroiders with just a small sewing machine. We love that she’s dog friendly and always welcomes Juno into her shop. Last but definitely not least, our dog tags are hand engraved by a gentleman who is also a senior citizen that uses letter/number templates with a hammer to make them. We hope to continue to help support these local business and charities through Fur All Dogs!

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